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CEMS-Global has also partnered with several Business Associations, Chamber of Commerce’s, Export Promotion Councils, International Trade Promotion Organizations, Governments in organizing successful Trade Shows. Our 40 Trade shows per annum in highly potential and developing countries of the world across 4 continents have benefited hundreds of thousands of Manufacturers, Several Industry sectors and boosted International Trade & Development in many countries.

30 Years Logo

CEMS-Global USA, based in New York, is a professional Multinational Exhibition & Convention Organizer, having its operations across 4 continents and Business Associates in over 10 countries globally.

Established in 1992, CEMS-Global, in this span of almost 3 decades has been committed to organizing Professional B2B Trade Shows for important Business sectors of the trade and economy. CEMS-Global has made a commendable presence as one of the leading Trade Show Organizer in the world.

As a company with Global presence and a wide-ranging proven track record, CEMS-Global USA also provides High-Value Management & Strategy Consultancy Services and lays its knowledge, its vast global experience at the disposal of the Client and assists Trade/ Business Associations and Enterprises improve work strategies, improve efficiency & performance or entering new markets, with our proven system to reach the goal.

In our extensive journey of over 27 years and having researched & worked in-depth for various Industry sectors globally, CEMS-Global with its expertise and in-house consulting specialists has also provided Management & Strategy Consultancy services to numerous Trade & Business Associations, Government Authorities and Corporate Businesses.

We understand your needs and our highly trained & experienced Consultants address your long-term objectives & trajectory, keeping in mind the business and market environment,


  • It is strategic planning
  • Objective Advisory services
  • Developing new plans for improvement of the business and making fundamental changes in your business according to market environment
  • Finding solutions to fill in the gaps to improve work strategy and overall business performance
  • Entering a new market
  • Planning and executing projects

CEMS-Global with its Specialists, In-depth Global data, decades of knowledge, market understanding, Quantitative / analytics skills; assists you for making huge decisions and does `due diligence’ on potential directions and outcomes. We work hand in hand with you to access and identify issues, gather information, develop strategies and implement solutions.

We can keep going on here about our work and accomplishments on this page, but unfortunately our work encourages us to be `Specific’ about the values we can provide. In all case scenarios we have managed so far, with our vast global experience, we had one reply in common to all – “been there, done that”.

And that’s all we have to say for now, until we hear from you!

We look forward to hearing about our next mission for you at consulting@cemsonline.com